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Perhaps one of the biggest unsung heroes within Hollywood and the sports world is the powerhouse that is James Hunt, affectionately known as the “Credit Guru of Atlanta.”  The celebrity wealth management expert and credit specialist is responsible for fixing the financial woes of many of the nation’s biggest movie stars, recording artists, athletes, mega church leaders and business professionals. They rely on him to assist them in managing their wealth, obtaining their mansions and foreign cars, and handling various other personal and business matters. If they need something, he gets it done – whether it is a last minute private jet to attend the Super Bowl, or obtaining a bentley from the dealership after-hours. He is the BEST in his field, and as a result, he is paid the big bucks for his life-changing work.  He has addressed the needs of public figures like Akon, Usher, Young, Thug, Tiny Harris, Taraji P. Henson, NFL star Odell Beckham, Jr., NBA star Michael Beasley, music mogul Vincent Herbert and so many more!




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